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Visiting Wales

Visiting Wales

Posted in Travel on July 2018

Idyllic is quite easily the best description of Wales. Plentiful sheep wandering the lush green landscape, rolling hills, and slate boundary walls that wind along the roads, all calmly demanding serenity. My itinerary mostly revolved around...Continue reading
Python encrypting

Sending Encrypted Emails Using Python

Posted in Web Development on May 2018

As internet data mining and security concerns continue to burgeon, privacy often feels relinquished. Seeing how online privacy is relatively absent, I started contemplating a project to encrypt messages. Knowing Python is a multifaceted lan...Continue reading
Visiting Iceland

Visiting Iceland

Posted in Travel on August 2017

The axiom about Iceland is that it's expensive and relatively cold—even in the summer. Those are two things of which most people are already well aware. However, there are many aspects that vastly changed my preconception of the count...Continue reading
Aboriginal feather painting

A White Man Painting Like an Aboriginal

Posted in Miscellaneous Travel on July 2017

I know. I know. The title might not sound politically correct, but there's a point—just keep reading. I've always been jealous of artists who have incredible talents to create realistic paintings. For years I wasn't too keen on Impres...Continue reading

Digital Blinders for Customers

Posted in Web Development on May 2017

"How can we create more revenue?" is a question all companies ask. It's a common query that is often times unanswerable or, at the very least, difficult to answer. The ever-consuming search for increased revenue, albeit creating new product...Continue reading

Inserting Form Data Into MySQL Using PHP and AJAX

Posted in Web Development on February 2017

How do you store information from a PHP webform into a MYSQL database? It's rather simple but, if you've never created one before, it can be daunting. I've encountered a lot of poorly produced videos, whether video quality or voice, and ove...Continue reading
Visiting Australia

Visiting Australia

Posted in Travel on January 2017

I’m not a collector of rare artifacts or even a big spender in general. My intangible collection is travelling. Whether an inherent urge or a seeker of knowledge, the attraction is experiencing new environments, cultures, and food. A year...Continue reading
Python file

Creating a Text-Based Adventure and Quiz Game in Python

Posted in Web Development on July 2016

As never-ending web technologies continue to grow, I do my best to stay relevant and knowledgeable. When I first learned of Python, I was interested in it's automation abilities. I eventually dug into Python when I found out how quickly and...Continue reading
Customizing WordPress

Three Simple WordPress Customizations

Posted in Web Development on March 2016

Used by millions of people, from professionals to amateurs, Wordpress is undoubtedly a popular CMS. It can be heavily customized or you can easily find themes others have written to beautify your website. I enjoy creating websites from scra...Continue reading
Visiting New Zealand

Visiting New Zealand

Posted in Travel on February 2016

The thought of a 17+ hour flight from Chicago to Auckland, New Zealand, can make the most traveled person nervous. Despite the long flight, New Zealand was a country I’ve always wanted to visit. Giant ferns, beautiful beaches, and the Lor...Continue reading
American and Scotland flags

How Scotland Changed My Independence Perspective

Posted in Travel on October 2015

As the overcast sky ensnared the persistent bellowing bagpipes and tethered them to the city, I wandered through the soot covered stone buildings absorbing all its beauty. There is only one place on earth that those tartan, air-filled instr...Continue reading
Raphael Fontenot Amazon Kindle

Raphael Fontenot

Posted in Publication on October 2015

"Following a young Frenchman in the mid-sixteenth century, Raphael Fontenot depicts the life of a religious refugee and his family as they flee persecution along with several hundred others—sailing to the New World. As native attacks on t...Continue reading
1918 Influenza world map

How One Family Endured: The 1918 Influenza

Posted in Miscellaneous on May 2015

With the advent of the internet, people have already begun straying from writing their thoughts in tangible diaries and journals. As someone who studied History in college, discovering the most intimate and personal writings from past gener...Continue reading
Puzzle pieces

Keep It Simple Stupid: Creating a Website

Posted in Web Development on February 2015

Most people have heard the acronym K.I.S.S., keep it simple stupid, and creating a website should conform to that simple idea. Most of us have also visited countless sites that are a sensory overload of images, dynamisms, and content. If th...Continue reading
JavaScript and CSS circles

No JavaScript Required: CSS Animations

Posted in Web Development on January 2015

JavaScript and it’s popular library, jQuery, is undeniably a great language to use for web development, since animations can serve as an excellent marketing tool—giving the ability to catch users' attention. However, having additional f...Continue reading
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