I'm from sunny Homestead, Florida, and now work as a Web Production manager at a technology company in Illinois. When I'm not designing, developing, and writing, I'm traveling the world exploring different environments and cultures. From Scotland to New Zealand, my journeys continue to open my eyes to new experiences.

I love simplistic design and clean code, which was my main focus when I created this site. It's not built using a prefabricated template or theme, but a responsive design I feel is most appealing. Below you will find two sections: blog and a contact form. If you like what you see, feel free to send me a message.

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Visiting Wales

Visiting Wales

Posted in Travel on July 2018

Idyllic is quite easily the best description of Wales. Plentiful sheep wandering the lush green landscape, rolling hills, and slate boundary walls that wind along the roads, all calmly demanding serenity. My itinerary mostly revolved around...Continue reading
Visiting Iceland

Visiting Iceland

Posted in Travel on August 2017

The axiom about Iceland is that it's expensive and relatively cold—even in the summer. Those are two things of which most people are already well aware. However, there are many aspects that vastly changed my preconception of the count...Continue reading


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